Donald Trump’s mental health, hypothetically possible cognitive dysfunctions, and the need for their evaluation

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The important issue was raised in this article “Alzheimer’s and dementia are a necessary part of the conversation about Donald Trump” in “Palmer Report”, see the copy below. The evaluation of the cognitive functions should be quantitative and measurable, from the simple clinical tests to extensive psychological testing, if needed. So far I did not notice any significant cognitive deficits or problems. Sleep can affect cognition, and it looks like he suffers from chronic insomnia, the causes of which may be many, but depression is quite frequently the cause, and it is likely in his case. Irritability, anger, rage, verbal and Twitter venting, etc. might also be the symptoms of depression to which he might be constitutionally (hereditarily, genetically) predisposed. His mother looks somewhat depressed in the old photos. His affective instability, if it has a lifelong pattern, and that’s how it looks like, might fit into the clinical impressions of cyclothymic or dysthymic personality traits or disorders, but they are not disabling in and by themselves. Trump was a boxer in his youth, and the head traumas or post-concussion syndrome are a possibility, but I do not know enough about his medical history to make the impression about the roles of these factors. 

Generally speaking, a psychological testing, including the tests for the cognitive functions, together with the other tests, like a head MRI, would be a very good idea, if he agrees to them, but no one can force him to take these tests. Although it might be beneficial for him politically if it clears any doubts about his mental state, and most definitely this information would be beneficial for him health wise, as a clinical evaluation. R. Reagan did have the subtle symptoms long before he developed the full blown dementia. 

Alzheimers and dementia are a necessary part of the conversation about Donald Trump

If you’ve ever watched a loved one suffer through a disease that caused severely diminished mental capacity, you know how tragic and devastating it can be. For that reason, diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are generally spoken about with great care. They’re also arguably not spoken about often enough, out of rightful fear of being offensive. But when it comes to the ongoing and evolving conversation about Donald Trump, it’s well past time to acknowledge the obvious.It would be counterproductive, not to mention grossly unfair to those who do suffer from these diseases, for us to arbitrarily accuse someone like Donald Trump of suffering from a disease like Alzheimer’s and dementia simply because we have a low opinion of him to begin with. But based on the rapidly deteriorating cognitive function that Trump has begun displaying in recent months, the average layperson who’s been paying close attention has been able to see that he’s clearly suffering from some type of rapidly worsening condition.Trump often doesn’t appear to know where he’s at or to whom he’s speaking. He blankly wanders out of the room in the middle of press conferences and bill signings, seemingly with no idea of why he was supposed to have been there. He blankly wanders away from his own motorcade. He can’t be trusted to speak to groups of children. His spoken vocabulary is shrinking. He no longer appears to be writing his own tweets. His staff seems to be having a harder time covering for him by the day.So in addition to the numerous political arguments for why Trump isn’t fit for the job, based on everything from his extremism, to his lack of decency, to his election rigging, to his lifetime of financial crimes, to his obstruction of justice, we now have this more fundamental issue. Even if Trump had been doing a suitable job as president up to this point, his collapsing cognitive condition alone is enough to make the case for his removal by the 25th Amendment.

It’s time for us to begin talking out loud about the fact that Donald Trump is clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia or a similar condition. It’s time to get doctors, and those who have witnessed these diseases up close, to back us up on it. And we must do it in a respectful enough manner such that moderates will come around to seeing his deteriorating condition for themselves, rather than merely assuming that we’re trying to be mean to Trump because we don’t like him. After all, if President Obama had begun demonstrating these kinds of symptoms of rapidly collapsing cognitive function, we’d have had no choice but to call for his removal as well.

The post Alzheimer’s and dementia are a necessary part of the conversation about Donald Trumpappeared first on Palmer Report.

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Trump has some positive qualities…

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Trump has some positive qualities, to counterbalance the barrage of the broad criticism of him in the media: 

  • He is a deal-maker, which implies flexibility and adaptability, and the search for the non-orthodox solutions. 
  • He is a practical man to the core, to the bone; common sense is his flesh, blood, and soul. Putin called this trait of “being concrete“: “He is very concrete, he fully perceives his interlocutor [is able to take a measure of men, in his own system of coordinates – M.N.], and he analyzes and answers questions or new elements that come in the course of the discussion quickly enough,” Putin added.” To sum up, according to Putin’s impressions, he is fast and adequate in his reactions, perceptions, analysis, and evaluation of the situation and the players within the given, and the very here and now, “real” situation, context. It can be called the mechanical paradigm of political behavior: it might not be seen as very “sophisticated” or “refined” but this style of the characteristic for him, (“business like”), political behavior is “clear”, automatic, “instinctive”, reactional, and “exact” (like a fighter’s punch), and sometimes it can be amazingly adept, adroit, precise, and “prudent” in a predatorial context, “correct”, not without some artistic flair in delivery, and “efficient”. Just sometimes, and under the certain circumstances and in certain milieus. This paradigm might also be called “monarchical”: it is centered essentially around one person or a small group of persons in power. Nowadays, we would also call it “oligarchical”. Overall and most of the time, however, this political style and performance appear to be helpless, immature, improvisational, and which is worst of all, inefficient; in the present context. 
  • Trump thinks and talks simply, and sometimes can be taken for a simpleton which he is not at all. This simplicity, that goes to the heart of the common man, is one of his greatest political assets and weapons. Twitter is his weapon’s platform. Nice. A new master-communicator for a new era. Very nice. Promoted by whom and by which Twitter bots, that’s the question. 

I could list the other qualities too, but the unfortunate point is that the same qualities, and first of all his practicality, and the one-dimensional, “yes or no”, “black and white” simplicity, cause the great concern in his Russian affairs and his hypothetical Russian connections: they raise the suspicions that he would make a deal with the devil (the Russians in this instance) if it helps and saves his skin financially and politically, at the expense of the best interests of his country. That’s where the conflict and the dilemma is. 

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The way the American Democracy handles the “Trump Crisis” proves that it is a viable, strong, and self-sustaining institution

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The way the American Democracy handles the “Trump Crisis”: measured, fair, truth and roots seeking, etc., etc.,  proves that it is a viable, strong, and self-sustaining institution, and I have no doubts that it will resolve and overcome this crisis and will come out of it stronger. In the end, it will enhance the security of the country and, do not be surprised, the global security. “What does not kill us, makes us stronger“. Hopefully, it will not kill us. 

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We are witnessing the continuing process of transformation of the Trump Presidency into the National Security Presidency under Trump. The “Trump Transformation” follows the “Obama Transformation”. They can also be called the “mini-revolutions”.

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I think we are witnessing the continuing process of transformation of the Trump Presidency into the National Security Presidency under Trump, which is his only rational choice and his only salvation, that’s how it looks like. Unless he sabotages them in a self-defeating fashion. The military people saved him in his adolescence, and they can save him now if only he cooperates and plays the game, which he is willing to do.

It is possible that the further process of “normalization” will include the decline in influence and the eventual easing out of both Bannon and Kushner

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Links: Gen. Mattis | Gen. McMaster | Gen. KellyReince Priebus 

Trump Campaign – Russia Investigation – Recap of Recent Pieces on Just Security (July 23-28) – Saturday July 29th, 2017 at 8:42 AM

The “failing or rising New York Times” complained just shortly prior to Mr. Kelly’s appointment as Trump’s chief of staff: 

“But it’s unlikely that the generals will consistently rein in Mr. Trump at the strategic level. Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and therefore, on paper at least, the president’s primary military liaison and adviser, rarely has one-on-one meetings with Mr. Trump. Mr. Kelly, a former Marine general who had served as his secretary of homeland security and whom many had hoped would temper the president on immigration, apparently shares Mr. Trump’s policy views and seems disinclined to challenge him.

Relying on the generals was always a dubious, ad hoc plan prompted by Mr. Trump’s uniquely troubling peculiarities. Generals aren’t supposed to make policy, let alone get involved in politics.”

Now, after this appointment, the realities and their perceptions might have changed. Some reality challenged and metaphorically inclined observers might even perceive this situation to be as close to the declaration of the military emergency as it can get in America, after the series of the continuing palace mini-coups. The others might see it as the encouraging signs of adjustment to reality, or perhaps, even the preventive security measures of the “deep state”. And for the third “camp”, it is nothing but the plain old fashioned common sense. 

“It is now Mr. Kelly’s job to give it a try”, NYT says. 

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Germany plays the hypocritical double game

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German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel signaled Germany intends to take a firm line in defending German-Russian energy cooperation.

Source: Germany echoes Putin’s attack on US bill to sanction Russia

This is another example and the one more piece of evidence of how Germany plays the hypocritical double game, inserting itself in the US – Russia relations and deftly playing one side against the other, or rather playing its own tune, depending on the circumstances, and most definitely, playing her own side, and first of all minding her own interests. It’s “natural”, you might say. But not in these circumstances, when it looks and feels more unnatural and quite pre-meditated, pre-planned, possibly pre-manufactured, and more than suspicious. 

Investigate the role of Germany in the “Trump affair” and the “Trump-Russia scandal” vigorously, objectively, and in-depth. 


» Germany echoes Putin’s attack on US bill to sanction Russia
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