11:00 AM 10/25/2017 – The E-Curtain

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The Russia – West E-Curtain – GS

The Russians want to build the new E-Curtain, prophylactically, to protect themselves from the evil Western influences. At least a part, if not all the Trump-Russia show-off operation might be an FSB counterintelligence endeavor, very aggressive, as is their tradition historically, and also outgrowing into the frank intelligence show-off “special operation”. And all this to demonstrate the dangers of the single Internet and to divide it into two separate informational bastions: pro-Russian and the rest. Very isolationist, narrow-minded, and very Russian in its mentality. These are the goals and purposes Of this new E-Curtain, which is impossible to impose unilaterally but only by mutual consent. Will never happen. M.N. – 10.25.17

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