Trump has some positive qualities…

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Trump has some positive qualities, to counterbalance the barrage of the broad criticism of him in the media: 

  • He is a deal-maker, which implies flexibility and adaptability, and the search for the non-orthodox solutions. 
  • He is a practical man to the core, to the bone; common sense is his flesh, blood, and soul. Putin called this trait of “being concrete“: “He is very concrete, he fully perceives his interlocutor [is able to take a measure of men, in his own system of coordinates – M.N.], and he analyzes and answers questions or new elements that come in the course of the discussion quickly enough,” Putin added.” To sum up, according to Putin’s impressions, he is fast and adequate in his reactions, perceptions, analysis, and evaluation of the situation and the players within the given, and the very here and now, “real” situation, context. It can be called the mechanical paradigm of political behavior: it might not be seen as very “sophisticated” or “refined” but this style of the characteristic for him, (“business like”), political behavior is “clear”, automatic, “instinctive”, reactional, and “exact” (like a fighter’s punch), and sometimes it can be amazingly adept, adroit, precise, and “prudent” in a predatorial context, “correct”, not without some artistic flair in delivery, and “efficient”. Just sometimes, and under the certain circumstances and in certain milieus. This paradigm might also be called “monarchical”: it is centered essentially around one person or a small group of persons in power. Nowadays, we would also call it “oligarchical”. Overall and most of the time, however, this political style and performance appear to be helpless, immature, improvisational, and which is worst of all, inefficient; in the present context. 
  • Trump thinks and talks simply, and sometimes can be taken for a simpleton which he is not at all. This simplicity, that goes to the heart of the common man, is one of his greatest political assets and weapons. Twitter is his weapon’s platform. Nice. A new master-communicator for a new era. Very nice. Promoted by whom and by which Twitter bots, that’s the question. 

I could list the other qualities too, but the unfortunate point is that the same qualities, and first of all his practicality, and the one-dimensional, “yes or no”, “black and white” simplicity, cause the great concern in his Russian affairs and his hypothetical Russian connections: they raise the suspicions that he would make a deal with the devil (the Russians in this instance) if it helps and saves his skin financially and politically, at the expense of the best interests of his country. That’s where the conflict and the dilemma is. 

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