I am absolutely not interested in “transsexual issues”…

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I am absolutely not interested in “transsexual issues”, including their service in the military. Let them serve if they want to, and if they are good and useful for the military. The whole issue is greatly blown out of proportions, and it is inherited from the Obama Administration, which was in its “noble search” for its great pseudo-liberal causes. As a matter of fact, I do not see it as the political, military, or the particularly “liberal” issue on the agenda. This issue has nothing to do with the political agenda, where it was inserted artificially; it has nothing to do with the human rights, or the Gay Liberation movement.

Many physicians and psychiatrists feel and think that it is entirely medical and psychiatric issue and cannot be treated as the item on the political agenda, and I agree with them. Many of them also think that these medically and psychiatrically complex issues cannot and should not be treated in a uniform fashion: one prescription or one “cut” for all, and  I also agree with them.

Please, leave these complexities for the doctors to figure them out, the best they can. Give the transgender individuals the maximum of all the freedoms and the opportunities, including the military service, if they want to, and treat them just like any other individuals, and as they want to. But do not make the nonsensical and ridiculous “big issue” out of it, which it is not. 

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“They call themselves the Human ‘Rights’ Campaign as they take our rights away!” Dr. McHugh said. Noting that HRC is on the “warpath” against him, and “trying to send me down the memory hole,” he said, “I don’t think they can do too much to me.” He said he believes his position is safe at Johns Hopkins. And he remained confident that the media-hyped “fad” of transgenderism will fade as more and more Americans realize that performing radical operations on the bodies of self-described “transgender” men, women — and especially children — to match their confused “feelings” is “mistreatment.” “This craze is going to come apart, as crazes always do,” he said.

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