Go figure!

D. Hoffman claims, in his op-ed “The Russians Were Involved. But It Wasn’t About Collusion“, that in his “Operation Trump” Putin wanted to create turmoil and to prove that he is a worthy rival. I would argue that none of these goals would be as valuable to him as the genuinely good relations with the US, therefore this reasoning suggests the possibility of the third party or parties, who were just as interested in humiliating America as the Russians were, but were also interested, and maybe even more so, in humiliating and ridiculing the Russians themselves, by using them as their patsies and presenting them as the idiots, and also planting and enhancing the level of hostility between US and Russia. 

The candidates for this role of the secret demiurge are not that many; and, in the order of probability, might include the Germans, the Israelis, the Chinese, or the others, and all or none of the above. Go figure! 

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