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D. Hoffman claims, in his op-ed “The Russians Were Involved. But It Wasn’t About Collusion“, that in his “Operation Trump” Putin wanted to create turmoil and to prove that he is a worthy rival. I would argue that none of these goals would be as valuable to him as the genuinely good relations with the US, therefore this reasoning suggests the possibility of the third party or parties, who were just as interested in humiliating America as the Russians were, but were also interested, and maybe even more so, in humiliating and ridiculing the Russians themselves, by using them as their patsies and presenting them as the idiots, and also planting and enhancing the level of hostility between US and Russia. 

The candidates for this role of the secret demiurge are not that many; and, in the order of probability, might include the Germans, the Israelis, the Chinese, or the others, and all or none of the above. Go figure! 

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We are witnessing the continuing process of transformation of the Trump Presidency into the National Security Presidency under Trump. The “Trump Transformation” follows the “Obama Transformation”. They can also be called the “mini-revolutions”.

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I think we are witnessing the continuing process of transformation of the Trump Presidency into the National Security Presidency under Trump, which is his only rational choice and his only salvation, that’s how it looks like. Unless he sabotages them in a self-defeating fashion. The military people saved him in his adolescence, and they can save him now if only he cooperates and plays the game, which he is willing to do.

It is possible that the further process of “normalization” will include the decline in influence and the eventual easing out of both Bannon and Kushner

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Trump Campaign – Russia Investigation – Recap of Recent Pieces on Just Security (July 23-28) – Saturday July 29th, 2017 at 8:42 AM

The “failing or rising New York Times” complained just shortly prior to Mr. Kelly’s appointment as Trump’s chief of staff: 

“But it’s unlikely that the generals will consistently rein in Mr. Trump at the strategic level. Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and therefore, on paper at least, the president’s primary military liaison and adviser, rarely has one-on-one meetings with Mr. Trump. Mr. Kelly, a former Marine general who had served as his secretary of homeland security and whom many had hoped would temper the president on immigration, apparently shares Mr. Trump’s policy views and seems disinclined to challenge him.

Relying on the generals was always a dubious, ad hoc plan prompted by Mr. Trump’s uniquely troubling peculiarities. Generals aren’t supposed to make policy, let alone get involved in politics.”

Now, after this appointment, the realities and their perceptions might have changed. Some reality challenged and metaphorically inclined observers might even perceive this situation to be as close to the declaration of the military emergency as it can get in America, after the series of the continuing palace mini-coups. The others might see it as the encouraging signs of adjustment to reality, or perhaps, even the preventive security measures of the “deep state”. And for the third “camp”, it is nothing but the plain old fashioned common sense. 

“It is now Mr. Kelly’s job to give it a try”, NYT says. 

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Germany plays the hypocritical double game

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German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel signaled Germany intends to take a firm line in defending German-Russian energy cooperation.

Source: Germany echoes Putin’s attack on US bill to sanction Russia

This is another example and the one more piece of evidence of how Germany plays the hypocritical double game, inserting itself in the US – Russia relations and deftly playing one side against the other, or rather playing its own tune, depending on the circumstances, and most definitely, playing her own side, and first of all minding her own interests. It’s “natural”, you might say. But not in these circumstances, when it looks and feels more unnatural and quite pre-meditated, pre-planned, possibly pre-manufactured, and more than suspicious. 

Investigate the role of Germany in the “Trump affair” and the “Trump-Russia scandal” vigorously, objectively, and in-depth. 


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