The fall of Trump might mean the eventual fall of Putin

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The fall of Trump might mean the eventual fall of Putin after the loss of his “last straw” and the non-delivery of the relief of sanctions and other goodies, which might be viewed as the “breach of contract” by the Russian ruling elites. That is why Putin might feel strongly committed to help Trump and to do everything he can to enhance Trump’s chances for political survival. They are the Siamese twins now, joined at the hip. The recent events only confirm this monstrosity, despite all their “pragmatic values”.

“So a pressing question arises: Why would the Trump administration embrace a Syria policy that serves Russian and Iranian interests and harms American interests? In time, we will learn the answer.”

The antagonistic – competitive aspect is the part of their fledgling symbiotic relationship. Unless Putin decides to ditch Trump completely for his “non-delivery” and his own “breach of contract”, and to throw him to the wolves, which is not very likely for this late stage Putin, with his characteristic and demonstrative “Papa Theresa” caring paternalistic streak.

With the fall of Putin, the whole system of Putinism might collapse, despite its illusory stability, exposing all its ugly criminal Mafiosi underpinnings. This might lead to the major political repercussions inside Russia and on the global geopolitical scene.

All eyes are now on Mr. Mueller and his team.

As to Mr. Putin: Володя, никогда душа моя, и многих других тоже, не примет криминальную, преступную, уродливую, больную Россию, которую ты со товарищи построил.

Resign now and open the way for the new era. And, as I see it, it will be much better for your personal survival. Remember the fate of Ceaușescu.

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