The “Invisible” Hand Of The Kremlin

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The “Invisible” Hand Of The Kremlin pulls the strings: force Sessions to resign, fire Mueller, suppress the investigation. 

“Thank you, Sergey, the kindred spirit…”

“Nice job”, Kislyak! This is his last (?) “goodbye present”, his “kiss of death”… 

The “Kremlin Playbook” plan apparently is to turn America into the Russian vassal, into the Putinist-Trumpist entity with the tight micromanagement directly from the Putin’s office. 

The one-dimensional singularity of thrust in thinking and talking about “Trump-Russia scandal” among our political mavens and commentators is impressive. 

“With Sessions out of the way, Trump can try to appoint a new Attorney General who wouldn’t have to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, meaning that the new Attorney General could theoretically fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But this isn’t going to play out like Trump might hope.”

“Donald Trump − after extended personal contact with Vladimir Putin and the complete surrender to Russian interests in Syria − acts precisely like he has been bought and sold by a strategic rival…

Russia has made the political affairs of the United States very much its business. With almost no serious American response. Russian interference in America’s self-defining civic ritual has been almost costless…

The problem is the damage to American interests done in the meantime. 

It now seems that the Russians − by meddling in a presidential election and by downplaying such aggression − has achieved an intelligence coup beyond the dreams of the Soviet era. The result is an America strategically and morally disarmed.”

“And meanwhile, America’s global stock tumbles. Polls demonstrate that the respect in which the United States is held is falling around the world.”

WASHINGTON, DC -: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

The Putin’s style of acquiring and holding to power which he demonstrated so adeptly within his own country and political system, is now exported to the U.S. and the rest of the “free world”. This style is to play on and to exploit the opponents’ own inner inherent contradictions and vulnerabilities, as in his dealings with the Russian Opposition, and generally, with anyone or anything that opposes him. The non-admission of Georgia to NATO due to the “ongoing ethnic conflict” and the lack of stability is another example.

Another, more recent and closer to the native ground examples of the same hypocritical style are firing Comey on the pretenses of the “mishandling” of Clinton’s emails investigation and hypothetical firing or resignation of Sessions for conveniently “not recalling” the meetings with Kislyak, which were just as conveniently and “timely” reminded to him by Kislyak himself. 

This style is simple, shrewd, sophisticated, and efficient. 

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The “First American Black President” (the foreign interference in his election was alluded to in the recent Senate hearings and claimed in the various media websites, but was not really fully explored, as if it were some mysterious and shameful venereal disease), paved the way for the “First American Mobster President”. “Nice job” all around. 

“At the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Pompeo was asked whether he supports the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

“Of course,” he replied. “And the one before that, and the one before that.”

Later in the question-and-answer session with New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, Pompeo was asked whether he was downplaying Russia’s meddling in 2016 by also mentioning the Kremlin’s behavior in previous years.

“I am confident that the Russians meddled in this election, as is the entire intelligence community,” Pompeo said, appearing agitated at the skepticism towards his previous answer. “I hope I didn’t stop at 2008 [for when he says Russian began interfering in U.S. elections]. You can go back to the 70s. My point was simply this: This threat is real. The U.S. government, including the Central Intelligence Agency, has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it.”

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Who and what are the culprits to point the finger at? The Russians, the Mob, the Germans, the Israelis, the Chinese, the Persian cats, any other cats, the excessive role of money in American politics, the fall in the standards of the moral-political values? All of these together, in various degrees, mixtures, combinations, and affiliations, imaginable and unimaginable? Can you picture this situation now? Is this a result of the irrational, sick, determined, aggressive, evil, malevolent, vicious hatred, envy, and the fear of America? The “soft power” concepts and the “understanding” diplomacy did not help much to diffuse these sentiments, despite the long, determined, and the sincere well-wishing efforts. This well intentioned, “eyes wide shut” blindness also paved the way to the present hell in which we find ourselves landed, now longing to keep our noses shut. 

With all this, the serious and reasonable doubts about the “Russia only” hypothesis do persist, especially among the experts. 
“Here’s the irony. Were the Russians running Trump, they probably would have been cautious, unwilling to burn an asset on anything less than a major score. But as is, they can sit back, enjoy the show, and watch his one-man Putin tribute act.” 
The peculiar position of Germany was also noted by the observers. 
“NATO members are scrambling to build up their own defenses, in part, because they are no longer certain that they can fully trust Washington, something Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged in May.” 
It might be somewhat premature to make any definitive impressions and conclusions before the Mueller Investigation is completed and its results are revealed. But the enormous, pivotal, trend setting importance of these issues are not doubted and disputed by anyone. 

Do perform and publish the historical-political study of the foreign interference into the American political processes and elections from the beginning of the past century: in-depth, objective, detailed and well researched. There are definitely the lessons to learn from all of this. The present episode is really unprecedented and “unpresidented“, it can be explained in part by the Putin’s and his criminal Mafiosi minions’ extraordinary chutzpah and cunning, but these endeavors were not built on an empty ground, they have “solid and venerable” KGB foundation going back decades.

File:Sergey Shoigu in GRU 05.jpg
Министр обороны России генерал армии Сергей Шойгу в Главном разведывательном управлении Генерального штаба Вооруженных Сил в День военного разведчика – 5 November 2013 Lt.Gen Igor Sergun presents what appears to be a 4 volume (secret?) history of Russian intelligence to Gen. Shoigu and Gen. Gerasimov

The Russians, just like the Germans and the others, love, preserve and study with diligence the historical traditions and the skills of their spycraft, especially if they worked, and worked well. As many people did say, it does encourage them to continue their pursuits unabated, especially if there is no resistance to them; just the bewilderment and confusion. 

“Congrats”, bros. And what are you going to do about it now? 

The self-assuring claims, including my own, that “it will never work” in America are not enough. 

“The question is, how much more damage will he do to America and the world in the meantime, and at what cost?”

Do you want a dangerous BS-er-In-Chief as your President? Donald Trump as the stimulus for “the Coming Fall of American Empire” is apparently in many “common and uncommon dreams” as well as in many “progressivists’ leftist hopes.

Something decisive, smart, and fast enough (barring the political assassinations, God forbid) has to be done until it is really too late. This is a very real crisis of enormous, hard to imagine proportions, that weakens America and her standing in the world. “A real threat”, as Mr. Pompeo said. The times of the pretentious innocence and the willful blindness have to be replaced by the times of the most vigorous investigations, educated and the well-founded insights, and actions. 

The latest rumors from Russia are that Agalarov&Co started building a special secret government dacha for Trump and his family in Peredelkino, the Moscow suburb populated by the Russian writers and “intellectuals”, so Mr. Trump, his family, and their “significant others” wouldn’t feel too much out of touch with their familiar “reality show” element when they defect to Russia. 

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Mr. Mueller, is it possible to complete this investigation as soon as it is realistically feasible before the major damage is done? 

7.22 – 24.17

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