FBI as a “showboat”

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FBI as a “showboat”: the whole of the FBI is one huge “showboat”, in Trump’s words; and just as slow, flashy, exhibitionistic, inefficient, outdated, and ridiculous.

Introduce the legislation forbidding the FBI to manage their own publicity and to engage in self-promotion, self-advertising, and self-entertainment. They just have to do their job and to do it well and properly. We do not need “heroes” for this, or more correctly, the psychopaths in heroes clothes, of whom there are plenty, among both the agents and their “darling” informants, who manipulate the Bureau any which way they wish. This is “a first step if the FBI is to be transformed into the first-rate crime fighting organization it professes to be rather the laughingstock it has become”.

They did become a “state within the state”, an organization built on the mafia “family and brotherhood” principles and structure, and an “American KGB”, with the main difference of lacking their adversaries’ and infiltrators’ efficiency, while sharing the same skills.

Investigate the investigators! Reform the FBI!

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